Outlander CAL – the banner

Oh. My. God. The episode Faith was a heart wrenching ride, with a phenomenal performance from from Cait. I was in tears by at least halfway through and didn’t stop until it was over. Having read the books several times, I knew what to expect, but holy crap. It was so much better than I expected, which also made it worse, because it broke my heart so much. Hats off to Cait, Sam, and the rest of the cast, and of course to Diana, for tormenting us so masterfully yet again.

I’ve mentioned before that I found the Doctor Who blanket slightly too short for my liking (being tall does that at times), so I made a banner that will add 20 more blocks in height, and will hopefully tie it all together. I’ve listed it as optional, because I figure that other people might find the length of the blanket just right without it. I’ve included a note about making rectangle C2C panels in the PDF, with the link to the video tutorial. They can explain it much better than me, and it’s one they’ve prepared earlier 😉


I had a bit of trouble fitting it into the shot, mostly because I didn’t feel like clearing off the other side of the couch. The next stage is to decide what colour to use to join the squares. I’ll be having a play around with that tonight, to see if it’s best to stay with white or to add a splash of colour. I’m tempted by orange or brown, but at this point, I’m stumped.


I am feeling so good about getting to this point of the blanket. All the panels are made AND have the ends woven in. I started the first square in early April (around the 6th or so, I think), and finished weaving the ends of the banner in about an hour ago. I have plans for what I’ll be working on next – far too many plans, really, but that’s how it tends to be. I have a Star Trek blanket that I designed first, but when Outlander came back I switched to that instead.

I may be able to get the final stage of the blanket finished tomorrow, though that depends on my arthritis and other pain levels, as my back has been playing up again this week. I’m hoping that it all comes together the way I’ve been envisioning. I guess I’ll find out soon!

You can get the PDF here.


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