Outlander CAL – Roger

As I mentioned in my previous post, this won’t be the wee Roger we’ve seen so far (as cute as he is), but when he’s all grown up and known as Roger Mac. For those who’ve read the books, you’ll know all about him. I’ve included him because I think he’s one of the core characters, and because he balances out Bree.

I’ve still been dealing with my back issues this week, and have been taking some medication to help get through it. I’m blaming that for how I somehow added an extra row to the height of the square, which I only noticed six rows past it. Much frogging ensued, leaving me with a delightful tangle of yarn. At least they were still connected, so redoing it wasn’t hard. Just annoying when it came time to cut the yarn out from the blocks I didn’t need.


I really dislike frogging, but I hate having extra rows even more.


As with my other people squares, I made Roger without a mouth, but have included the pattern with lips below. I discovered I had a few skeins of other browns stashed away (my yarn stash is in at least four different places – I really ought to consolidate it at some point), which makes me wish I’d found it earlier so I could have used them on some of the other panels. I don’t mind how they are, but I’ll kick myself a little all the same.


Roger is the last of the main squares for the blanket, but I’m in the process of making a banner to go at the top. My Doctor Who blanket was a tad too short for my liking, so this banner should make it just the right length. It’s a rectangle (20 x 90 blocks, instead of the 30×30 the squares are), so it will require a small change in the C2C style, but I’ll explain that on that post. It’s also explained in the Crochet Crowd video tutorial.

I’ve also been designing some alternate squares with other characters, though I haven’t written the pattern up for those. I write the patterns up for the squares I make, so that it’s easier for me and so I can correct any mistakes I’ve made when typing it up. Since I won’t be making these other squares, I don’t want to include instructions that may be wrong. I’m hoping to have that post up within the next day, maybe even tonight, though that depends on how tired I am. It is almost 11pm here, so chances are I’ll be heading to bed soon.

I’m feeling pretty good about being close to finishing this blanket. After the banner it will be a case of joining and edging, though I haven’t decided how I want to do either as yet. I’m tossing up whether to join and edge in a colour, or to stick with white. I’ll have to make my mind up soon!

You can get the PDF here.

You can get the PDF with lips here.


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