Outlander CAL – Je suis prest

I actually finished this square a couple of days ago, but because my back still hasn’t recovered fully, sitting at my desk starts to hurt after too long, so I had to put off posting it. I’m already halfway through the next square, because sitting on the couch doesn’t hurt much.

For those who aren’t aware, the phrase is the Fraser family motto, which means “I am ready” in French.


I tell ya, there’s something damn good about seeing Jamie say that. You’re ready? I’m ready! Especially with this week’s episode (Best Laid Schemes). The action sure is ramping up! I know what’s to come and I know that Sam and Cait (and the rest of the cast!) will be doing a brilliant job of it. Seeing BJR getting a bit of payback was more than satisfying. The changes from the book made sense and worked, and they weren’t the bigger plots, so I didn’t mind.

I did try doing the letters a few different ways for this panel, but given the limitations of the 30×30, I couldn’t quite get it to work how I wanted. About halfway through I thought about doing the letters in lowercase, but I didn’t want to frog it all and start again. Especially as that meant redoing the graph and writing it up. Still, I’m happy with it.


I really do need to block all these squares at some point.


As much as I wanted to work with what I had on hand, I did have to get some more black and white yarn for the last for squares. I didn’t want to start using a different background colour at this point, and I needed to have enough for the banner. Fortunately, those are two colours that always seem to be in stock. I’ve had a hell of a time getting the greys I’ve needed in the past. Big W doesn’t always seem to stock them, for some reason.

Get the PDF here.

Next up – Roger! Not wee Roger, who is all we’ve seen so far, but Roger Mac. I’m not sure when he and Bree will turn up this season (they’re meant to, as per the book, but that doesn’t mean they will), but he’s still getting a place here. I might have to do up some alternate panels at some point, too. Dougal and Murtagh, perhaps. I’ll give that some thought.



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