Outlander blanket – take two

I’ve started a Star Trek blanket, but for that I’ve used a 3.5mm hook instead of the 5mm I used for my Outlander and Doctor Who blankets. I don’t usually use that size hook as it feels too small for my hands (especially on bad pain days), but I love the results. So much so, that I’ve decided to redo the Outlander blanket. I love the blanket’s outcome, but I want to love it even more. Plus, it will give me the chance to fix up the mistakes I made first time around.

I won’t be posting every square as it’s done like I did the first time, as I don’t need to repost every pattern. But the first square I did was the Fraser Stag, and for that one I did make some changes, so I’ll include an updated pattern.


I like the tighter stitch, even though it makes the panel smaller. I changed how the nose is, which I prefer over the original.


You can see that it is a lot smaller, so I know the blanket will be smaller overall. I might do a different type of join and/or edging, as I do want it to be good for on the bed.


Here you can see the differences, both in size and design, more clearly. I also different shades of grey for the new square, which make a nice contrast.

Updated PDF here.



  1. Wow it’s crazy the difference that it makes! Is that using the same weight of yarn?

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    1. It is! It’s all Carnival yarn, same as I used before. Using the smaller hook made a huge difference.

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