Star Trek CAL – Picard

Things have been a bit overwhelming here lately, as my daughter hasn’t been well, so I haven’t been able to crochet as much as I’d like. I have finally finished the first square for my new blanket – Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I love Star Trek: The New Generation, so I thought I’d start with him. After all, he is the captain. And when I think of him, this song always pops into my head. I used it as my ringtone for a while, and it cracked me up every time. These pixel peg people were inspired by this toy that I’d seen earlier. I did make a version of them with arms, but decided that this one was cuter.

star trek - picard 01

I’ve decided to do some of my squares with a blue background and some with a white, and have written up patterns for both versions.

star trek - picard 02

star trek - picard 03

Feel free to use a different background colour if neither of these work for you 🙂

You can get the PDFS here: blue background and white background.

Next up – Riker!



  1. Aileen Leadbetter · · Reply

    Hi! What stitch did you use for the blanket? I can’t seem to find that info!


    1. Hi! I used Corner to Corner. There’s a link to a tutorial on the master post.


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