Star Trek Badge Bag

This is a project I’m thrilled to have finished. Not just because it’s moved from the WIP to complete pile, but because it’s something I wanted and needed. I needed a new bag, so a while back I decided I’d turn one of my panels into a bag, and did the badge in HDC instead of DC. Halfway through doing the plain blue back panel, I realised I should’ve been doing two HDC per set instead of 3, as each set was wider than tall. I was used to doing the regular C2C and didn’t even think about it. Whoops! I don’t mind, because it’s for me and I still like how it looks.


I had put off finishing it for a while because I got caught up with making Pokemon and because I hate weaving ends in. Due to the tighter stitch of the HDC, weaving ends in was even worse this time around. But I worked my way through it while watching Stranger Things and got it done. One episode to go, but I can’t watch it while my daughter is awake. She would definitely be creeped out by it – I know I am! I’ll have to try to finish it tonight. I’m loving it.

If you follow me on instagram, then you would’ve been able to see me progress shots as I sewed the lining. There were a few issues with the machine and my ability to sew a straight line, but I got it all pieced together. I made a pocket with keyring loop to go inside the bag, and the strap is fully lined, too. This lining is to help support the shape and to reduce sagging and stretching. Plus, I have a pocket in there now!


It’s about 30cmx30cm, about 5cm wide, and the strap is about 140cm long, give or take a few mm. The lighting in my house is odd and annoying, giving a yellow tinge, so I had to wait until this morning to take photos that showed the colours properly. It looks grey instead of blue in some of the progress shots, which annoyed me. I think I need to invest in some better lighting, and not just for photos.


The back is the same blue, a HDC 30×30 panel. The total strap is 5×210 HDC, as I used it for the strap, side pieces, and base. I did my usual edging for a C2C, but only 2 chains between stitches due to it being HDC, and then single stitched them together.


I don’t sew often at all – something I wish to remedy – so my lines aren’t always the straightest. This was also the thickest item I’ve ever sewn, so I had some issues with that, but I managed to get through it. I didn’t want to hand sew the lining it as that would take too long. With how bad my arthritis has been lately, I had to be nice to my sore fingers.


I used a piece of yarn to attach my house key to my bag, keeping it nice and simple. My daughter insisted it be white, so who was I to argue?


It’s really hard to find a spot to display a bag for photos, especially with the bad lighting, ugly wallpaper, and general messiness :p Housework is something that slides when pain, depression, and an anxious child are running amok. To be honest, housework slides often, because I don’t enjoy it, but pain and depression and the leading reasons behind it. I’m working on it, though I doubt I’ll ever keep it looking like a show house.


It’s the perfect length for me, as I prefer a satchel bag to wear across my body. Finishing this bag is such a relief. Things have been really tough lately, with my daughter’s anxiety being high, and my arthritis has been flaring up. Things have been tough, but they’ll be getting better. She’s started seeing a psychologist to help with the anxiety, and I’m getting back into making my Star Trek panels again. I started on the Wesley panel last night, and it felt like coming home. I put aside the Pokemon toys I was trying to make my daughter, because they weren’t coming together like I wanted, and went back to doing something for me. Crocheting lately hasn’t been the relaxing stress reduction it used to be, so working on that panel last night really felt good. I could feel some stress slip away, and it felt so good to be working on it again. I still have housework to do, finances to budget, and a child to help, but things are starting to feel back on track again.

I should hopefully finish the Wesley panel this weekend. I’m almost over the halfway mark for the blanket! I need to focus on finishing this blanket, because I’ve got a bunch of stuff I want to make (or finish), and I’ll feel better about working on them once I can cross this off the list. I’m also planning on making more bags like this, though I will need to practice my sewing a bit more before I do.


Though I may have to make something with this yarn I bought from Yummy Yarn and Co along the way. I’ve been eyeing it off for a while, but haven’t bought it before because it’s $24.95/skein. My budget keeps me at the lower end of the scale usually, so this is the most expensive yarn I’ve ever bought. But with how tough things have been for us around here lately, we both needed a treat. I get to have some gorgeous, deliciously scrumptious yarn to play with, and my daughter gets something new. It’s a win/win! It was here when I got home today, so it perked me up a lot!



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