Magikarp the Bag and Plush

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been working on this. I was going to get back to working on my Star Trek blanket, but then I decided that I needed a Magikarp bag, so I made one. And while I was making it, I realised how cool it would be as a plush toy, so I made a second one for that. My daughter has claimed that, but that’s okay.


It’s about 30cm long from mouth to tail, and I think it’s just freaking adorable. The bag is big enough for your purse, phone, keys, and a bit of makeup, and because I lined it with cotton fabric, it shouldn’t stretch out.

This is a paid pattern that I’ve listed in my Etsy shop, so please check it out. It’s two patterns in one, so I think it’s a bargain.


For the lining, I traced around the body onto paper, and cut that out.


I have great drawing skills, as you can see.


I then traced that onto the fabric – my daughter chose the red out of what I had, but it works – which was one piece folded over, and cut it out, giving me two pieces.


After pinning it I hand sewed it because I didn’t feel like dragging my sewing machine out and setting it up (it doesn’t have a permanent place, as I rarely use it), and then sewed it and the strap to the bag.


This has given it a lot more support and structure, so it shouldn’t stretch or change shape through use like it would without a lining.


I’m really happy with it, and gave it to my best friend for product testing when she went out today. She’s already reported back with how great it is and the comments she’s getting from other people.


I only lightly stuffed the plush version as Magikarp is a bit of a floppy, useless fish. So doing it like this keeps it a bit floppy but still has shape.

I really hope you like it and will check it out!



  1. Great job, still waiting for more Trek.


    1. Thank you! I have the next pattern ready to go, but I’ve been focusing on this Pokemon stuff. My daughter’s anxiety has been really high lately, so I was making things that would help her. My arthritis has also been on high pain mode lately, but I will definitely get back to Star Trek soon!


  2. […] you need a larger bag to carry all your stuff, there is this crocheted Magikarp bag. I’m not sure how much stuff you would need to fill it, but part of me thinks it would be […]


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