Star Trek CAL – Data

I finished making Data last week, but with how intense things have been around here with my daughter’s anxiety, I didn’t get around to weaving the ends in. I still haven’t, but thought I might as well post the pattern anyway. As weaving the ends is my least favourite part, I try to do them as soon as I’ve finished the panel so that I don’t have a pile to do at the end. But this week…I can leave it. Today was the Mondayest Monday I’ve had for a long time, so I’d rather get on with other things than attack those ends. Also, weaving in black yarn at night – even in a well lit room – is more annoyance than I care to deal with tonight.


I wasn’t sure that there would be enough of a contrast between the shirt and badge, but it turned out just right. I had a hard time trying to find the right colour locally for the shirt, and eventually found this one hidden away at the bottom of my stash. Even better!


I did have to frog it several times as I worked through the left side of his hair, due to missing blocks or misreading my own pattern, but I got it in the end! I did go back and forth about putting him on a white background, but decided I needed the blue so that there was a nice contrast between his skin and background. I think the pale yellow and white wouldn’t contrast enough, but feel free to use whatever combination you prefer 🙂

Next up – Worf!

You can get the PDF here.


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