Jigglypuff purse and plush

I’ve been moving from project to project lately, having trouble finishing anything. I guess my crochet mojo had gone for a bit of a walk for a while. It has come back, and I finished putting this together today.


After finishing the Magikarp bag, I knew I had to make a Jigglypuff one as well, so I did. I didn’t intend to use different sized hooks for it, but packed the 4mm instead of 5.5mm into my WIP bag one day, so I went with it. It gave a sturdier feel to the bag, which I’m pleased with.

This is another paid pattern that I’ve listed over at Etsy, so please go check it out.

I lined the bag with white cotton fabric, but this time sewed everything by hand. I knew that my machine wouldn’t like getting in there to sew the bag together, so I didn’t feel like dragging it out just for the strap.

I again traced the shape out on paper, cut and pinned it together. The sewing went a lot better on this one 🙂

I do strongly suggest pinning the pieces into place first, because as you can see, my first placement was waaaaaay off. Move it around until it seems right, and leave the ends out until you’re sure it’s right. I had to move a few after I’d sewn them in, so it’s much better to try to get it right before you start sewing.


Jigglypuff is known for singing people to sleep, and for drawing on those who dare to fall asleep, so I’ve included instructions to make two different microphones – one with a pen, and one without.


The microphone can easily be stitched onto a hand, or left loose. I haven’t stitched it down as yet.


If someone does fall asleep when Jigglypuff sings, this is the face they might see.

The pattern comes with a lot more pictures to go with the instructions, and can be found at my Etsy store. Follow me on Instagram for more photos and behind the scenes ridiculousness.







  1. I am not a Pokémon fan in the least, but these are so adorable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!


  2. authengrace · · Reply

    Aw these are quite cute; I do not know what character they resemble but they certainly caught my eye as I scrolled through WordPress! Good job ~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s a character from Pokemon, and my best friend was hinting strongly for me to do this.


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