Star Trek CAL – Worf

This panel has been a long time in coming, but it is finally done. The last few months have been incredibly hard for me, the last few weeks in particular. Between my daughter’s anxiety and my pain issues/levels, it’s getting harder to juggle working and trying to keep home going smoothly. She is seeing a psychologist, but it’s still early days and we’re both trying to figure out how to get through this rough patch. We’ll get there, but there’s a lot of two steps forward, one step back kind of progress. Crocheting does help reduce my stress and anxiety, so it is something I have been doing…just not this blanket.

I’ve been working on a few Christmas presents and other patterns that I needed to get a jump on (posts to come about them later), but I only have two more panels after this one to do, so I knew I had to get back to it. They work up quickly, so it’s a matter of getting over the emotional block I had about working them and getting it done.

I’m not 100% happy with the brown I used for his brow ridges, but I had trouble finding something lighter than the colour I used for his skin but darker than the colour I did use. In the end, I thought it’d do and I can pretend the light is glinting off his forehead.


Due to how the corners join going up vs going down, the right side of his moustache isn’t joined. If it bothers you, it’s an easy fix when weaving ends in. Just make sure you leave a longer tail of black there, and weave through over the top, joining the two sections.


Much better! He’s still not a merry man, but I’m content with it.


You can get the PDF here.

The next panel will be for Geordi, though there’ll be a few other posts between now and then.


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