Yes, at long last, I’ve finished it. I started making it in June last year, but I actually created it before I made my Outlander blanket, so this has been a long time in coming. Last year was extremely rough for me, so finishing this blanket feels like a great way to start the new year. I’m hoping for bigger and better things for me and my daughter, along with hoping for improvements with my arthritis and depression, and my daughter’s anxiety. We’ve had a lot going on, with a lot of stress, but hopefully that will ease up and make for a smoother ride.

I really wanted to get this blanket done and posted on Friday, as a birthday gift to myself, but I was racing the sun to finish, and wasn’t able to get photos done before I lost the natural light before sunset. Then with how disgustingly hot it was over the weekend and how my pain levels were, I wasn’t up to writing anything. But it’s done, and it’s ready to be shown off.

I tried something different when it came to edging this blanket. Usually I’d join along the vertical seams and then the horizontals, and then edge it, but I found this awesome method a while back. It seems to takes a bit longer than my usual way, but because you’re doing the outside as well, and getting a nice seam, I think it’s great. The best part of it was this:


Those four strands were all I had to weave in. If you’ve been following my posts regarding weaving ends in, you’ll know I hate it. But this time, I really enjoyed it because it was a case of BAM! DONE! I felt like it was definitely worth taking the longer route to get there to have that be the finish. One important thing to remember when doing the edging on this type of blanket is to skip the join stitch if you edged it how I suggested in the pattern. Keeping your stitches to just the chains keeps the edge nice and straight. Also, for the corners I would sc, ch 2, sc in the one stitch to get a nice corner.

I was given the suggestion of finishing it with crab stitch in black, which I had never done before. I tried it, and LOVED it. I think I’ll have to use it again!

I was really happy with how it gave a nice thick edge, and helped balance it out.


It was a nice easy stitch, too, so it’s definitely been added to my list of must-use stitches. Now for some pretty shots before we get to the reveal.


I haven’t blocked it yet, and it does need it, but I think it’ll even out with time and use.


There we go! It’s done! There are numerous ways to put the panels together, so have some fun with it. Please tag me on instagram with @nerdishdelights if you do make it, or link it here. The patterns for the panels are all on the “Star Trek CAL masterpost” link, which can be found at the top of the page.

Edit: OMG Michael Dorn (Worf) liked and reposted my blanket on Twitter  I may faint a little.





  1. Yay! Well done it looks amazing! You’re so talented 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!

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  2. Ah, well done for getting it finished, it looks fantastic… if I ever learn to crochet this will be the first thing I try! And OMG a retweet from Michael Dorn! #starstruck

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    1. Thank you! It is an easy stitch to do, and it works up fast, so I definitely recommend trying it 🙂 I was gobsmacked when I saw the retweet. It was awesome!

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      1. I have so many friends who crochet, I’ve definitely got plenty of teachers! (Also, I keep imagining Michael Dorn saying ‘nice crochet’ in his permanently angry Worf voice and giggling to myself!)

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        1. LOL! I can imagine him doing that, too!

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  3. Shirley Graham · · Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful blanket. I have downloaded it and will definitely make. Might even surprise my Star Trek Group with one for each of them.


    1. You are so welcome! I hope you enjoy making it, and I’d love to see it when you’re done!


  4. Lauren ODonnell · · Reply

    Hi I love this blanket I want to try make it for my dad for his birthday, I can’t see in the introductions but is the USC or dc stitches? And what weight yarn should I use? I’m in the uk 🙂 thanks so much

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    1. Lauren ODonnell · · Reply

      Sorry they was meant to say HDC or DC? Autocorrected lol

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      1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy making it. I used US DC for the blanket, US HDC for the bag I made with the badge. I wanted a tighter weave for the bag, so the US DC is great for the blanket.

        The yarn weight comes down to preference. I used 8 ply, which I guess is aran or worsted? We don’t use that system much down here. I think it would work well in DK and up, even chunky.


        1. Lauren ODonnell · · Reply

          Thanks so much for the reply, can’t wait to get started on it this week 🙂


          1. My pleasure! Please send me links in here or Instagram, I’d love to see it.


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