Charmed Gauntlets giveaway on Instagram


This week I made myself a pair of my Charmed Gauntlets – fingerless gloves with pockets – to go with the beanie and scarf I made last year.


They’re all made from Lion Brand’s Heartland yarn in Yellowstone. I had enough left to make more, so I did! I also got to use my gorgeous new labels, which look great. I’m giving away two pairs plus the pattern, for a total of five winners. Rules for entering are all in the Instagram post, so please check it out!

Edit: we have winners!




  1. Crystal Thompson · · Reply


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    1. Crystal Thompson · · Reply

      Thank you for the opportunity!! These are gorgeous and would match the hat I am making as well!!

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      1. Thank you 🙂 It is a gorgeous yarn. I’m looking forward to wearing my matching set this winter!


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