Outlander CAL – Claire

Last week’s episode (Not in Scotland Anymore) was more of a slow burn than action packed, but it was still damn good. I was thrilled to see that the two dresses (Claire’s red dress and the Swan dress– NSFW) were shown true to the books. They were both such big statements in the book, so I found it delightful to see them brought to life like that. Though my daughter (who’s 9 as of tomorrow, and has only seen the ads but knows I love the books and show) said she thought the dress made Claire’s boobs “too high and round” and that they should be covered a bit more. She wasn’t a fan of it, but then she doesn’t know much about 18th century French fashion, so that’s okay 🙂 Knowing what’s coming up makes me all the more eager for the next episode.

This week’s square is of Claire, and for this I was inspired by this outfit she wore in the episode Rent from season one. It’s not possible to do all the details with the nature of the C2C stitch, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. I was working with what yarn I had on hand, so the colours aren’t as close to what she wore if I did have the budget to do more yarn shopping this week.


I had originally given her a mouth, but I didn’t like how it turned out so I frogged it and left it out. Since I’m going for the pixel people look here, I decided it looks better without. I will also link the original version in case someone else wants to try it.


Other colour combinations would work, but I was trying to stay close to the outfit from the episode. I have marked her skin tone as F for flesh. I had thought of calling it Buff (as the colour of the yarn is) but with BL (black), B (brown), and DB (dark brown) already in use, I thought that there would be bit of a B overload going on.

You can get the PDF here. If you want the version with lips, it’s here.

Next up – the standing stones!


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  1. […] wearing different blue dresses throughout the series, so I based it on the dress I designed for Claire, but with blues. I’m not willing to wait until those scenes air to get a better idea of what […]


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