Outlander CAL – the standing stones

Between going away last weekend for my daughter’s birthday (she’s now 9), and my arthritis being more of a literal pain this week than normal, this square took me longer than I’d planned. I did get about half of it done while we were away (the train ride there and watching tv at night were great for it), until I ran out of green, which pulled me up short. I thought I had enough, but it turned out I was wrong. There was some wailing and sulking as I realised I’d run out and couldn’t get any more where we were, and that I could do any more crocheting until I got home. Luckily, I had enough leftover at home to finish up. I finished weaving the ends in late last night, but decided it posting it could wait until I’d had some sleep. I didn’t get enough, but that’s what naps are for.

I think the hill in this square could look good using a variegated green, to give some depth and shading to the grass, but I went with what I had on hand.


Your eyes aren’t messing with you – there is a slight incline to the right. I was trying to convey that ‘stones on a hill’ imagery, which I feel works. Aaaand I’ve just realised that I added an extra dark grey square on row 40, on the left side of the middle stone. Whoops! A bit late to go back and fix that now. I’ll leave the pattern as it’s meant to be, and chastise myself a little for missing that as I made the square.


You can get the PDF here.

Next up – Jamie!


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