Outlander CAL – Jamie

It was another long weekend here, so I was able to get Jamie done. I was trying to get a plaid feel to his kilt, so I used a variegated yarn. I did try a few different ones, but given the nature of the C2C stitch, I’m not sure I’d get a ‘true’ plaid feel. Still, I’m pleased with the results. I did think of using a single colour, but I wanted to have a splash of colour there.


I didn’t have any yarn on hand that matched the Fraser’s colours, but since Jamie wore several different kilts (Fraser, MacKenzie, hunting, etc.), I figured it’d be okay to take some artistic licence here.


I was going by what I had one hand (I’m trying to use what I have, as the budget is tight right now), and I have no idea if any clan does use these colours, but I think Jamie could make it work.

I will admit that I’m not 100% happy with how the stitches are turning out, but I think it’s because the hook I’m using (a 5) might be too big for this yarn. It’s a bit late to turn back now, but I’ll keep it in mind for the next project.


Like with Claire, I decided to leave the mouth out, but I kept a PDF version of it in case anyone wanted it.

Jamie’s PDF here.

Jamie with lips PDF here.

Next up – the Fraser Stag.




  1. I really like how the kilt turned out. It was a great idea to use a variegated yarn!

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    1. Thanks! I had some brown/white combos around the house, but I think this combo worked much better 🙂

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