Outlander CAL – Brianna

Thanks to insomnia and hurting my back, I’ve been able to finish the next square faster than I anticipated. Being unable to do much but sit or lie down for the last 36 or so hours has been good for my crocheting, at least. And for once, my arthritis wasn’t playing up, so my hands barely hurt after that marathon session. I did watch the last two Harry Potter movies as I wove the ends in during the very early hours of the morning, and it’s only now (at 5:30am) that I’m finally getting tired. I will definitely be napping today.

We haven’t yet met Bree in the show, but those who have read the books will be well acquainted with her. The show is only up to episode 5, so I think most of us are still reeling from the return of BJR. Having read through the series many times, I know what’s to come, but I’m still waiting with dread and anticipation. I want to see it play out, but I don’t want them to suffer any more. Though that thought makes me go HA!, because this is only book 2, and Diana has only started tormenting them.

The show may be ramping up, but the squares are starting to wind down. There are only two more after this one, and then there’s the optional banner. I’m taking a hefty dose of artistic licence here with Bree, because I’m not basing her outfit on anything we’ve seen as yet. There are mentions of her wearing different blue dresses throughout the series, so I based it on the dress I designed for Claire, but with blues. I’m not willing to wait until those scenes air to get a better idea of what she’ll be wearing!


The books don’t say that it’s all one shade, but they also don’t say that they’re not. I’ve put a lighter blue kerchief tucked into her bodice here, to help break the pattern up. I could’ve done one shade (which you’re welcome to do, of course), but I wanted it to be like Claire’s, with obviously separate pieces.


I’ve stuck with the lipless look, but have again uploaded that version as well. As I was making this one, I was thinking about how her eyes should be blue, but I didn’t like the look of that when I was making Claire (though Claire, of course, would’ve had amber/sherry coloured eyes). I think the solid black suits the pixel people/cartoony style better, but if you like their eyes to be what they really are, go for it!

I’m hoping to get the final few squares out quickly so that I can get onto the banner. I decided that I wanted to make this blanket a bit longer than the Doctor Who one, as that is a tad too short for me. The banner will be 20 blocks high, so that should be the final product at a good length. It’s not necessary to include it, of course, but we’ll get to that in time.

You can get the PDF here.

You can the PDF of Bree with lips here.

Next up – Je suis prest.




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