Outlander CAL – alternate squares

I thought I’d whip up a few other characters, in case someone wanted to include them instead of the ones I’ve already done. As I mentioned in my last post, I won’t be including the written instructions for them as I won’t be making them as well. I have included links to the photos that inspired each outfit, so you can get a better idea of colour and design.

Outlander - Frank

Frank – inspired by this.

Outlander - Black Jack

Black Jackinspired by this.

Outlander - Murtagh

Murtagh – inspired by this and this.

Outlander - Mrs Fitz

Mrs Fitzinspired by this.

Outlander - Dougal

Dougal – inspired by this and this.

Outlander - Geillis

Geillis – inspired by this and this.

Outlander - Laoghaire

Laoghaire – inspired by this.


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  1. […] keep in mind that I did put together some alternate squares in case others preferred a different set up. I know others will have different favourite […]


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