Star Trek CAL – Riker

It’s been a bit of a rough time around here, so I haven’t been crocheting as much as I normally would. My daughter developed anxiety about a month ago, and the last week or so has been pretty hard for us. She gave me a bit of a fright with it, as she’s only nine, but we’ve been working through it and I’m looking into getting her to see a therapist or psychologist. Things seem to be better now we’ve sorted out some of the things that were bothering her. I know it’s something that may always be there, but for now, things are getting better. Baby steps, but we’re moving forward.

star trek - riker 01

Onto Riker! Since he’s Number One, he seemed like the obvious choice to make after the Captain. His beard was a little annoying, but with some careful weaving in trickery, it works out. I might tweak his a little bit more, but not tonight. It’s been a busy day and I’m ready to sit back and crochet for a bit. Home all day and I haven’t picked up a hook at all, and it’s now almost 8:30pm!

star trek - riker 02

star trek - riker 03

I’ve included the blue and white backgrounds again, along with PDFs for both, but I think laziness might creep in and I’ll only include the version I’m doing at that time. I might do both, but I guess it’ll depend on how things go. My daughter is having an operation soon, so I’ll be home with her while she recovers, so we’ll see how I feel. I’m hoping to churn out a few more panels of this and my Outlander blanket Version 2.

Once the kid gets to bed I’ll be able to crochet as I catch up with Game of Thrones and a bit more of Orange is the New Black, snuggled up under my Doctor Who blanket. It’s a chilly night, and that sounds like a perfect night to me.

Blue background PDF here.

White background PDF here.

Next up will be Dr. Beverly Crusher!




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