Simple slippers

This falls under the “ish” part of Nerdish delights. Winter is here and my daughter’s feet turn into icicles. Though she delights in torturing me with them, I had to do something about it. I found this pattern for quickie slippers and had her choose the yarn.

amie slippers 01

I did have to redo them a few times, as the smallest size given (women’s 5/6) was too small for her, and she’s 9 with a size 2 foot. After some trial and error I found a size that worked for her. They are slightly loose, but this way she’ll grow into them. I was using chunky yarn with the right sized hook, so I guess my tension was off. Still, it worked out in the end.

amie slippers 03

I then made myself a pair using the rest of the ball, and it turned out to be just enough. Exact same style, but a lot bigger, as I have big feet.

amie slippers 04amie slippers 02

They didn’t take long to make, so they were in use quickly during the cold snap. I wanted to get them done before she went into hospital (she was having a planned surgery, laparoscopic fundoplication for severe reflux caused by GERD), and after we came home, we discovered they’re a perfect fit for my best friend. I think I now have to make another pair for my daughter as she seems to have given them away.

We ended up spending five days in hospital, instead of the three I thought we’d be there for, and due to circumstances there I didn’t get to crochet as much as I hoped I could. I did get some done, but it was the week from hell and my goal was to get through it. I managed to catch a cold while in the hospital, too, but I seem to be over the worst of it. Things are better and improving now, and I’ve finished my next Star Trek panel. I’ll be weaving the ends in today, so I’ll hopefully have my next post up tomorrow or Friday.



  1. lozzaness · · Reply

    Oops. Yes, they magically ended up at my house!! Good for weather here though 🙂


    1. That’s okay, you needed them more than we did!


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