Star Trek CAL – Beverly Crusher

I’m still reeling from the Outlander season 2 finale right now, so I thought it would be a good time to get this post out. I had to wait for my daughter to go bed before I could watch it, as So-Ho changed the time it aired from 8:30 to 7:30, which bugged me greatly. I really enjoyed it, though I had pictured Bree’s hair as being brighter and curlier. Roger was spot on, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in a kilt and singing. I like how they condensed all the research and arguing time down, as there was a lot of that in the book. Now to wait for season 3…but that’s forever away. I’ve almost finished book 8 (again), so I’ll have to work my way through the novellas before moving on to another author entirely. I suppose that’s overdue.

I finished the Beverly square a few nights ago, but with pain issues and trying to get things back to something resembling normal life again after my daughter’s surgery, I wasn’t up to posting it earlier, but I finally got around to taking photos and getting things ready. I would’ve done it earlier in the day, but my daughter asked me to make a blanket for her new doll. It wasn’t big (10×11 in corner to corner, using two strands of yarn and a 6.5mm hook) so it didn’t take that long, and with how things have been for her lately, I was happy to whip it up for her.


She picked the purple Fairisle print to be mixed with white, with a white edging. Before she went into hospital we talked about some toys I would get her afterwards, and she chose a new baby doll with pram and cot (the Tinkers range from Big W). I was a bit surprised by this, as she hasn’t played with dolls in years, but they weren’t expensive and they made her happy. Anyway, on to Beverly!

star trek - crusher 01

I’m not sure how she’d go about scanning people with no arms, but in this peg people universe, I guess it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t sure which shade of blue to go with for her, as the Medical Team blue has varied over the years, and she wore quite a few different shades herself. I had thought about using the same blue I’m using as the background on the other squares, but thought it best to steer away for that, so I chose the darker blue.

star trek - crusher 02

The uniform portion is the same for most of the characters, with the shirt colour the main difference, so that part does feel like it gets done faster the more panels I do. I’m working on the communicator badge at the moment, but I’m not completely satisfied with how it’s turning out, so I’m going to tweak the pattern and try it again once I’m done. If anything, having options is always good. I should have the first badge finished soon, with the second finished by the end of next week. I’m tempted to work on tweaking the pattern now, but it’s after 11pm here now, and it is Sunday, and I should probably get some sleep on a work night.

You can get the PDF here. I’ve only done the instructions for the white background, but it’s easy enough to switch the W for whatever background colour you’d prefer.


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