Star Trek CAL – the Badge

Some of those pesky life things got in the way, so it’s been almost 3 weeks since I last updated. A big part of that is due to my internet having tantrums and not working for various reasons, leaving me to chew through my mobile phone data, so I had to limit my net use. After multiple technician visits and work done at home and at the node it was finally fixed, but the delay was also due to redoing this square while dealing with a lot of pain issues.

I’ve switched medications for my arthritis, so this combination (along with the supplements I take) will hopefully have a better result. I’m also working at trying to shift my kneecaps back into place (they’re out of whack, and the physio says I have PFPS because of it, and that if I can get them back on track it should reduce a lot of my pain), and while I think it’s helping, it’s making my knees feel weird. On top of that, my hands don’t like it if I crochet too much on cold days, so I can’t do as much as I would like. Heat packs are my friends, and I’m making it work. Slowly and painfully as I go about everything, but it’s coming together.

I also had to redo this square, because while I kinda liked how it came out, it didn’t work out as well I thought. I had this concept:

star trek - badge 03

Which ended up not translating as well when done:

star trek - badge 01

I didn’t like how disjointed some of the edges seemed, thanks to the variations going up and down create. The ends haven’t been weaved in as yet, so it’s not as tidy as it should be. So I took out the darker colour and came up with this:

star trek - badge 04star trek - badge 02

I think it works better. I wanted to have a smoother and more continuous line around the edge of the badge. I am tempted to try it without the black edging, just to see how it turns out, but I might leave that for later.

I’ve only included the pattern for the second version, as I lost my scribble sheet for the first. I print up the pattern and then cross off each row as I go, and scribble down any corrections that need to be made. The original pattern had a few errors in it when I typed it up and I have no idea what happened to that paper. I can go through it again carefully later and post it, but it’s not high on my list right now.

I’ve also been planning what I want to make next, so on top of regular life stresses (work, money, my depression, and my daughter’s anxiety, which seems to finally have settled, thankfully) and pain, I’ve been trying to plan ahead while working through this square. I’m hoping the next one will be done and up faster, as I don’t like leaving such a big gap between updates.

Get the PDF here.

Next up will be Wesley, and while I have an alternate square designed for him, I think I’ll only be making the original. I guess I’ll decide on that later 🙂



  1. meegan gaffney · · Reply

    Love, love, love the patterns. Will you be making others. I am in the middle of a Star Trek Afghan and wanted to add some TOS characters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you like them! I have been thinking about trying some TOS characters, so I might give it a go. Keep an eye out!


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