Easy like Sunday morning

It has been a rough, rough week. I’ve had a lot of pain earlier in the week, thanks to twisting my knee more than it wanted to (or should) go, and then a lot of parenting stress as we continue to work through my daughter’s anxiety issues. I didn’t feel like trying to follow a pattern, or write one up, so I pulled out on an old WIP.


I started this granny square blanket some time last year but kept putting it aside. This was something I was making for me, as nearly everything I make I give to someone else. It’s easy to do, with no pattern required as it’s pure repetition, so I can get the relaxation from crocheting that I need. It really does help me to unwind, especially when I’m stressed and worked up. Focusing on what I’m making helps reset my focus and calm me down. Plus, it now feels weird to watch tv and not do something.

I don’t know how big it’ll end up. It’s currently a good lap blanket (and fantastic to work on on cold winter mornings like today), but I had planned on making it at least queen sized, for my bed. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if I’m happy to keep going with it or if I decide that whatever size it is will be enough. But it will be mine, because I need to make things for me, too.

I’ve also joined Instagram, where I plan on posting WIP shots as I go, as waiting until I’ve got a finished piece to share feels like I’m not doing anything in between. I’m also on Twitter, where I will try to do the same thing.

This week started out very rough but is now feeling a lot better. We had a great day hanging out and playing together yesterday, so I’m feeling thankful and appreciative of the good things in life and how wonderful my daughter is. My pain levels seem better, which could be from the new medication and supplements finally working, so I’m hoping that I’ve found a regime to help manage my arthritis pain and get things back to normal.

I’m planning on getting a bit more of this blanket done before the kid and I go hunting Pokemon later. There are some Pokestops nearby, so hopefully we’ll rustle up something good. A lazy Sunday sounds great to me!


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