WIP it! WIP it real good!

In my last post I shared a photo of one of my many WIPs, a green and white granny square blanket that I started some time last year.

green granny 01

It was something that I was making for me, knowing that I would be keeping it and not maybe gifting it. Most of what I make is for other people, and I rarely set out making something knowing I will definitely keep for myself. I’d been given some Red Heart yarn (Super Saver Spring Green), which isn’t easy to get in Australia, and I wanted to make a simple, yet lovely, blanket. I ended up ordering more online, gritting my teeth at the cost of shipping, and I’m glad I did. Some Red Heart yarn is available here, but it’s a miniscule portion of what they produce, and when your budget can’t stretch to the fancier yarns, you want to get value.

green granny 02

I decided to start a granny square, flipping it at the end of each round, and continued on until I felt it was big enough. Nice, easy, and pretty. It didn’t require a pattern to follow, or remembering anything other than 3DC and chaining enough at the corners. It’s the type of work that really helps me relax and unwind as it’s repetitious and keeps my hands busy while my mind can wander – or lets me actually see what’s on TV, instead of watching it out of the corner of my eye.

green granny 03

This blanket has spent most of the year folded up in a bag, taking up space in my ever-growing yarn stash, and constantly reminding me that it wasn’t done yet. While I’m really good at ignoring housework and other stuff I don’t want to deal with, I did want to finish this. After how the last few months have gone, seeing it there began to really bug me. So last week I pulled it out and decided that it had to be finished, and that everything else could wait. It didn’t take that long to finish, which is another reason I love the simplicity of it. I did try a few different edges last night, but it was getting late and they were frustrating me, so I settled on a simple single stitch around to finish it off. It didn’t need a fancy edge, and I like how neat and tidy it is. I probably could’ve done another few sets of stripes around, but I knew I had limited green available and didn’t want to run out. It turned out to be the size I was hoping for, so I’m happy.

green granny 04

And most importantly – it’s Child Approved. My daughter was on standby, waiting for me to finish taking photos so that she could roll around on it and test it out. One giant old school granny square blanket that will go nicely on my bed, and for us to snuggle up under as we watch TV.

Now that I’ve crossed that WIP off the list, I feel better about getting back to making my Star Trek squares. I have at least a half dozen other WIPs lying around, but they’ll have to wait their turn 🙂 I don’t want to add any more to the list, but  who am I kidding? There are so many great designs around there and I’ll always want to make them all at once. I’ve also been drooling over the yarn from Expression Fibre Arts. I definitely can’t afford that yarn right now, but it’s so so so pretty to look at, especially their birthstone range. This must be what other people feel when looking at expensive jewellery. You don’t need it, but it’s oh so pretty and you really want it now. One day I’ll treat myself!


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