Granny Square Day 2016

I’m still floundering around on Instagram, brand new and all shiny, but I’m having fun looking at what’s around. I like being able to pop something up there as I’m making it, rather than waiting to have enough for a post here. It helps me feel like I’m doing things, because stuff can be seen by others. I know I’m doing plenty here (the yarn explosion on my couch is proof enough of that), but this way I can show others along the way.

One thing I found over there was that yesterday was Granny Square Day 2016, started by suregal27, so I had to join in. I kept it simple and with colours that were already sitting by me, because I wanted to be part of the fun. It’s been a few months since I’ve made a granny square (in November, when I finished my Boba Fett blanket, which I’ll show on a throwback Thursday kind of post), so I kinda had to google to remind me how to do it. Shh, don’t tell anyone.


I really love these colours together, and had them out for the pineapple I’d made my daughter (to be shown in my next post), so I thought they’d be good for these squares.


I know they’re the standard granny design and are simple, but I do like that old school feel. I’m very tempted to keep going with them and to make another blanket, though I may throw in some more colour combinations. I definitely don’t need to add another project to my WIP list, but that hasn’t stopped me before. At least with granny squares I can stash them away after they’re finished until I have enough, rather than sitting out and taking up space like everything else. I really do need to go through the yarn explosion and put stuff away. I also really need to improve my yarn storage systems, since it’s spread through several rooms and I’m starting to forget what I’ve got. I do know that I never seem to have that exact colour I need for that other thing I want to make, but I think that’s true for most of us.

I’ve jumped on the Pokemon crochet train, too, so expect to see some of that soon.




  1. I love the look of the classic granny square too but this year i changed it up a bit lol, your color combination is nice 🙂


    1. Thank you! I should experiment a bit more sometime, there are so many colour combinations and types of squares to try.


      1. Absolutely!!! 😀


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