Pink Pineapples and Pokemon

About a year ago my daughter decided she liked pineapples. She already liked them to eat, but now she liked them as decoration.She started planning her ultimate dream home by the beach, with pineapple figurines and pineapple patterns on pretty much everything. But in a tasteful way, of course. There isn’t too much in the way of pineapple decorations available around here, but we did find a print at Big W late last year, for only $12, so we snapped that up (it was hanging above the tv but the removable strip fell down and I haven’t fixed it yet, so I’m not taking a picture of it right now). When I saw the Summer series  by lalylala I snapped it up, because who could resist that adorable pineapple? Not me! I put it to the side because I was focusing on other projects, but I knew I’d get around to it. My daughter’s anxiety had risen again, putting us through a very tough week, so I thought it was time I make her something again and I knew it had to be the pineapple.


The pattern comes with two suggestions – orange and green themes – but my daughter wanted pink. Well, she wanted the other two as well, but she insisted on also having pink. Pink pineapples? Sure thing! I made myself a swatch cheat sheet (seen in the top left), so that I wouldn’t confuse myself too much when figuring out what colour I needed. I still managed to muck it up, because this was the point when I realised that I’d brought in the third colour change too soon. Frogging it and redoing it wasn’t that big a deal, but I was tired and forgot where I was up to. I did have plain black eyes around somewhere but I have no idea where. These eyes were in my tool box (it’s a tackle box that I use to hold my crochet tools and accessories, though my daughter insists on calling it a tucker box – she’s so Aussie), so I went with them.


We figured that if you’re going to have a pink pineapple, you might as well have a purple stem. I do plan on taking better photos of it, but for now, here it is leaning against my tool/tackle/tucker box. We’ll settle on just one name for it one day. I really love this design and will definitely be making it in the other colours for her, too, and maybe some more after that. It works up quickly, and as long as you’re not too tired when you’re making it, easy to follow. It will be fun trying it with other colour combinations, but that will have to wait for a bit.

I had been planning on getting back to making my Wesley square, but then Nichole went and made all these awesome Pokemon and kept giving us the free patterns. How could I resist that? They’re all up on her Ravelry page, too, so that makes it easier to make sure I’ve caught them all. She’s churning them out faster than I can keep up, but that’s okay. I like having a list of things I want to make next. She’s leaving them hidden at Pokestops around her town, which I might do once I have enough of them.


These were the first I whipped up, just in time for a friend’s son’s birthday. He was thrilled with them, especially since he didn’t know it was possible to get his very own Oddish or Pokeball.


Snorlax is very cute, and much cuter when you do single crochet the right way. I don’t know if it’s the actual “right” way or not, but I prefer it this way. I do yarn under for single, which gives it a tighter, firmer feel. For the first few I did I was doing yarn over instead (probably because I’ve been doing a lot of DC lately, and I always do that yarn over…now I need to go and question everything to see if I’m doing that right or wrong…), but then I switched to yarn under.


That led to a big difference in outcome and size, though both were made with the same yarn and hook. Left is yarn under, right is over. The right is also the griddle warmer piece. Years ago in a book I was reading a character was talking about griddle warmers, the first pancake or two you make before the heat gets just right. They’re not as good as the rest but they’ll help you figure out what you need to do. The first time I make something from a new pattern tends to be like that. It’s a very American phrase to me, though I have no idea how commonly it’s used. It fits for this, though, and it helps me to improve.


I tried making an Ultra Ball, though I will have to either tweak the yellow part myself or go find a pattern from someone else who’s done it.

It is a big yellow H on the top there, but stitching it over a curved surface makes for interesting results. Most of them pulled out and tried again. I might try stitching it across instead of adding the bulky H – my daughter said it was too bumpy for a proper ball. Ah well, can’t win ’em all, even if I can catch ’em all!

Because I’m still making things to help her feel better, I’m working my way through the other characters. Jigglypuff (my favourite) is coming to life on my couch. Do you ever feel like Frankenstein? I made the ears, arms, feet, and curl first, so I have them on the “finished” side and the half-done body on the right. At least I don’t need to wait for lightning to make it work. Or to have done that whole grave robbing and dismembering thing. I just have pieces all over the place and will be putting them together soon to bring a new creature to life. I promise I won’t do the “It’s aliiiiiive” bit once it’s done!

Once I get the rest of them made I’ll go back to my Star Trek blanket, though I do like planning ahead. Which is what I need to do, because as I was writing this up I was startled by a delivery driver banging on the door. He had this lovely box for me:


A big box of yarn! I ordered it weeks ago, and because shipping from the US to Australia can take 2-3 weeks at least, I put it out of mind. I knew it would eventually turn up. I’ve been wanting to try out this yarn for a long time, but it’s not available here and was out of the budget. But tax refund time and a big sale coincided, so I decided to treat myself to 18 balls of fun.


It definitely felt like Christmas opening it up and checking it out. I know that Yarnspirations had some Christmas patterns I liked, which is where I first saw this yarn, so I will have to go and check them all out again later. But not right now, because then that’s all I’ll do and then I’ll want to get started on them, but there’s at least a dozen other things needing to be done first. Christmas is approaching rapidly (only 19 weeks to go, right??) so I will have to start on them soon enough…but I can wait. For a bit.

My fingers aren’t hurting too much today (they were killing me on the weekend, but I did do a LOT of crocheting), so I think it’s time to get back to it. Those Pokemon aren’t going to make themselves!



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