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Outlander CAL – the standing stones

Between going away last weekend for my daughter’s birthday (she’s now 9), and my arthritis being more of a literal pain this week than normal, this square took me longer than I’d planned. I did get about half of it done while we were away (the train ride there and watching tv at night were […]

Outlander CAL – Claire

Last week’s episode (Not in Scotland Anymore) was more of a slow burn than action packed, but it was still damn good. I was thrilled to see that the two dresses (Claire’s red dress and the Swan dress– NSFW) were shown true to the books. They were both such big statements in the book, so I […]

Behind the scenes

I wanted to share a couple of photos of what goes on before and during the making of each panel. I’m not sure how other people work their patterns out, but mine goes a little something like this:   I make the graph up in Excel, print it, and figure out each row using a […]

Outlander CAL – Claire’s rings

I chose Claire’s wedding rings for my next panel because of their importance to her and how frequently they’re mentioned throughout the series. Gold from Frank, silver from Jamie. I placed them like this because Frank’s ring is from her past, and Jamie’s is from her present and future. Plus, she wore Frank’s on her left […]

Outlander CAL – square one

I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled that Outlander is back for season 2. I’ve been rereading the books (currently halfway through book 4, Drums of Autumn, by Diana Gabaldon) to refresh my memory, so I’m eagerly awaiting what unfolds this season. I decided to start this blanket with one of Jamie’s pet […]

The return of Outlander

I love Outlander – both the book series by Diana Gabaldon, and the TV version of it. Season 2 starts up this weekend and I cannot wait. Inspired by my love of the characters and story, I decided to try my hand at designing my own C2C panel blanket. I’ve made my first panel and am […]